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It’s as much about creating an experience as it is about beautiful spaces. We use design to enable improved motivation, behaviour, and performance. Our breadth of experience includes corporate commercial, 机构, 教育, 医疗保健, and hospitality 项目s – with proven results of improved productivity, 协作, 娱乐, 学习, and health outcomes.

The art and science of interior design pays great dividends. 有了合适的空间,你可以激发新的互动和更高质量的生活. Our 项目s often fall into four key areas of execution:

Hospitality and Residential

The feeling of home is irreplaceable. For over 25 years, 通过仔细考虑空气,我们在住宅设计上建立了良好的声誉, 光, 查看和隐私. 我们的目标是为每个酒店创造一个独特的身份,与周围环境相辅相成, 社区, and inhabitants all at once.

我们的生活方式正在改变——越来越多的项目同时包含了酒店和住宅的元素. From boutiques to full-service luxury hotels, we understand the challenges and opportunities that visitor spaces present. We help our clients articulate the finer touches that will make their guests feel at home; delivering the environment and amenities needed to make their stay as comfortable, 富有成效的, or indulgent as possible.

我们正在以新的方式将教学与设计联系起来,以鼓励合作,并培养激发终身学习的教室. It’s all about catering to the individual learner. 因为无论你是一年级的学生还是在实验室里进行全球性的突破, the right 学习 environment makes a world of difference.


优秀的设计是一种有价值的业务工具,可以极大地提高效率和士气,同时支持关键的业务目标. We work hard to understand a corporation’s philosophy and goals, and use that same vision to drive our design. Your place of work should accurately reflect your values and people. We’ll connect them. 

From Architectural Controls to Water Resources Management, 我们在六大专业服务产品中提供超过35个独立的实践.


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Understanding your philosophy and goals

A design a solution to inspire and integrate people, technology and space.

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Established on a prominent 2.3-acre site along the prestigious Ali Askar Road, 这380,000平方英尺的多功能场地在行政环境中无缝融合了办公和居住空间. 澳博体育官方App为该项目提供了建筑和室内设计方向, as well as landscape architecture including hardscape, softscape and water bodies.

View KPMG – Toronto North 项目

KPMG – Toronto North


Located adjacent to the new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, 毕马威多伦多北办事处将约500名员工安置在这个新兴的城市中心,努力保持领先地位. 澳博体育官方App的室内设计团队负责这项最先进的战略研究、设计和项目管理, 136,000 sq. ft. 项目.

我们是规划、设计、建造和维护未来城市的全球合作伙伴. We are holistically minded, design inspired, and technology driven.

See how IBI is redefining the urban experience


技术大大加快了我们生活的变化速度,我们的社区也必须相应地发展. 通过融合数据和设计,我们正在培育更智能、更互联的居住环境.

See how IBI is redefining the urban experience
See how we’re advancing 医疗保健 realities


医学正在帮助我们实现更长寿、更快乐、功能更完善的生活. 我们正在寻找新的方法,把病人放在第一位,并改变我们对衰老的看法.

See how we’re advancing 医疗保健 realities
See how we’re reshaping education environments


新一代的思想正在重塑我们接受各级教育的方式. 我们将教学与设计相结合,为发现创造最佳条件.

See how we’re reshaping education environments
See how we’re changing the way cities move


一个新的移动生态系统正在改变我们在城市中互动和移动的方式. 我们正在利用新技术和社区智能,为城市旅程带来选择和舒适. We are enabling a connected future for cities and their residents.

See how we’re changing the way cities move

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