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One of the UK’s largest design and technology firms, IBI Group, 宣布两项新的战略招聘,以扩大其在全国的存在.


May 9, 2022
  • Two senior hires to work across IBI Group’s seven UK locations
  • IBI Group to open a new 6,600 sq. ft. hub in Manchester in the city’s largest northwest multi-use development

MANCHESTER, UK (May 9, 2022) – One of the UK’s largest design and technology firms, IBI Group, 宣布两项新的战略招聘,以扩大其在全国的存在. Charles Stokes从AECOM加入,担任工作室总监,在全国医疗团队中工作, 为妇女和儿童健康设施的设计带来了广泛的设计专业知识, as well as for critical and emergency care centres. Maja Nesdale joins from Gensler as Principal in IBI Group’s Buildings sector, where she is experienced at delivering projects across varying scales, internationally and in the UK.

Developing his early career at IBI Group, Charles delivered flagship hospital projects across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 关于他的再次任命,查尔斯说:“我非常期待在主要的IBI医疗保健方面工作 projects across the UK again, 尤其是与拥有相似价值观和卓越设计理念的同事. Spending more time directly engaged with clients, supporting their projects, 并协助他们实现一个共同愿景,以满足未来对他们服务的需求, will be central to my focus.”

Previously a Principal at Gensler, Maja Nesdale将通过她的设计研究为澳博体育官方App提供成功的项目和思想领导力. Maja shares of her appointment, “我很高兴能加入澳博体育官方App,在这个知识经济时代,我们所有部门的发展机会都非常强大. I have a strong interest in academic research and development, 我将与所有部门合作,以发展我们的业务,特别关注创新区.”

作为世界第五大设计事务所,建筑设计在世界建筑100强排名中被确定, 目前,IBI在为医疗保健领域的私营和公共部门客户提供卓越设计方面处于市场领先地位, urban living, life sciences R&D, and education, with award-winning projects in the North, including masterplanning, 巴恩斯利镇中心2亿英镑再生项目的公共领域和城市设计, The Glass Works. 这些高级任命支持了公司在英国和国际市场的发展计划.

Of the appointments, IBI Group’s Regional Director for UK & Ireland, Tony BurleyCharles和Maja的加入是在一个令人兴奋的时刻,因为我们正在扩大和重塑我们的业务. Their talent brings gravitas to our leadership team; not least their ability to collaborate, which we see as key to our future success. 如今,随着数字技术的出现,我们的市场部门之间的重叠越来越多,在我们更智能的城市未来,它们不可避免地会交叉.”

2022年5月,IBI将在曼彻斯特完成其最新的门店,在全球拥有60多家门店. The hub, located within the city’s NOMA development, 将成为西北地区最大的多功能再开发项目之一. IBI明确选择了新的重新开发作为城市最令人兴奋的科技公司的新的集中空间, 与该组织自身对智能技术和弹性未来城市的关注保持一致.

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